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Residential Services


Technology has evolved past one-computer homes. Now, most families have multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets being used for work and play, including schoolwork, online shopping, music downloads, and gaming.


A wireless network is crucial for managing your personal gadgets. The UTD computer networking services makes sharing and printing files, home entertainment management, internet networking, and playing multi-player games a snap. Our system’s wireless network is done through computer network services, providing greater mobility while eliminating the need for unsightly wires.


Managing your home technology has never been this simple!


Flat Panel TV Mounting Services:

LCD, Plasma, AND LED. Let us provide you with maximum viewing capacity! Having your flat panel TV mounted at the right height can enhance your experience – so leave it to the pros.


Are you disappointed with your TV? It may just need a few adjustments. While television manufacturers may routinely download standard configurations to their product line, your TV can be calibrated to best suit your living space. Let our professional technician enhance your viewing experience!

Custom Remote Control Programming

Simplify your life by downgrading to one universal remote control. From home speaker systems to motorized curtains, UTD can program all of your devices so that they’re easily controlled by one remote.

Audio Services

Simplify your life by downgrading to one universal remote control. From home speaker systems to motorized curtains, UTD can program all of your devices so that they’re easily controlled by one remote.


Audio Services Include:

  • Design and installation of surround sound speaker systems customized to your home
  • Wireless and wired audio distribution systems

Video Services

Video Distribution System

Enjoy all of your devices from any room in your home while keeping the clutter at bay with our whole-house video distribution system. Cut back on the need for multiple players and simplify your home video system – and your life.

Video Remote installation (Video over IP)

Watch videos from your favorite sites and stream other web content directly to your big screen TV with the UTD remote keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) solution. Bring your internet viewing pleasures to any television system, no matter where your laptop or desktop may be located in your home!

Custom Cinema Suites

Bring the theater experience to your home with a UTD Custom Cinema Suite! Pop some popcorn and watch your favorite films with an at-home movie theater. We will advise you on a system that meets all of your viewing needs while staying within your personal budget – get ready to have your mind blown!


Control Your Home or Business – No Matter Where You Go.

Home Automation (Smart Home Technology)

Home is where your heart is. Your home is also likely to be your biggest asset. Let us help you make your living quarters more secure by putting control in your hands, giving you comfort with the latest Home Automations Security technology. In addition to a top-notch security system, you can turn on lights, open garage doors, adjust the temperature, manage appliances, and control your audio systems from your personal smartphone or device. With our Easy Home Automation Security systems, we can customize a package according to your personal needs and budget.


Thanks to our advanced window covering shades’ electronic technology, you can use timers and remotes to control your window treatments. Wake up to sunlight illuminating your bedroom, open your shades for increased warmth on cold days, and keep them closed on bright summer afternoons. Sleek and modern or tailored and classic, these electronic window coverings will take your home to the next level.


Home security systems can give you and your family peace of mind, providing better security and lowering insurance rates. These systems have evolved, with options including integrated solutions utilizing cameras (CCTV), home automation, and other modern components that increase your home’s level of security. A key feature to our home security systems is the ability to securely access your network and remotely monitor your home online, using your personal smartphone or computer. Upgrading your home security has never been as easy or effective!